Illuminated advertising goes hand in hand with façade inscription at Parkside

Distance through luminosity - orientation through clear wayfinding

With mostly fast-moving tenants like those in the multicultural Parkside Schlieren, every trade and business wants to be found straightaway.

Improved orientation appropriate for the building must be provided by means of wayfinding! This was a clear message from the tenants to the operator – each business on the ground floor of the building should be easily visible.

From the English telephone provider and a Swiss financial institution to the Indian takeaway – the multicultural shopping experience leaves nothing to be desired.

But how can the important businesses and vendors be made easily visible when things are sometimes so chaotic? A compromise was searched for, and a good solution found: wall-mounted protruding signs on the façade fronts.

Public authorities, the architect and owners agreed on a minimal size, in order not to have an excessive impact on the local character. In this respect, every small shop would be provided with clearly laid-out and easy-to-read signage, so that the customers can find them straightaway.

Hitting the target for half a decade!

As a reliable partner in the working relationship of around 5 years, Frontwork ensures that the coordination between the general contractor, architect, customer and management company runs smoothly.

Frontwork has also taken on the maintenance of the signage for the property management company for this reason. Many a customer sign is hit by a truck during deliveries. This repair is also taken care of by Frontwork.

The “free/full” display at the car park provides an overview – with a protruding sign. The LED module is controlled by the light barrier via the central computer.

LED technology shines as a result of the energy savings

In order to design the façade signage in such a way that it is visible at a distance and more effective on a dark background, the renovation took place in conjunction with the installation of LEDs – this is currently the best solution in energy-saving and ecological terms.

How does this work?

First of all, the old letters, including existing fastenings and adhesive residues, had to be removed. Spacers with new fastening bolts were welded on at the same time, in order to affix the LED chains. These are welded together and encapsulated, so that they are waterproof. Everything had to fit down to the last detail during the installation with a Skyworker. And it had to be done quickly – the hire charge is 500 francs per hour.

The LED cables of the letters were connected up and led to the transformer control in the property. A time switch regulates the lighting time.

Thanks to Frontwork, there is now a clear, efficient and energy-saving showpiece for orientation in Parkside Schlieren instead of the old “wayfinding system”: find and be found!