The stage for an XXL wall picture was set by Frontwork

The corporate purpose of Swiss Life is to help people empower their lives

The biggest life insurance company in Switzerland highlights this in an emotional way with campaigns and various actions. FRONTWORK and its XXL façade picture became part of the shooting with a copter in one of its actions and thus part of a project full of thrills and spills.


«Menschen wie Du und Ich»

The Swiss Life Select employee Sandra Bühler has realised a book project «Menschen wie Du und Ich»  (People Like You and Me) together with her best friend. Swiss Life recorded this extraordinary form of self-empowerment on film.

The attachment of the mega-portrait of Janine Stüssi, a protagonist in the book, was as nerve-racking as the book project was heart-rending. The author herself was to be filmed during the attachment of the huge wall picture for the shooting of this project. All this would take place from a crane at a dizzy height where more than a conventional drone was needed.


The snag: unfortunately, people like you and me cannot easily paste a mega façade picture of this kind to a brick wall with a brush. Frontwork project manager Larissa Coderey had to search for a suitable material for the full picture, which consists of four panels of 4.5 x 8 metres with an impressive area of 36 m2, for a long time. A ground foil was finally selected as a material which is able to withstand the cold and harsh conditions and also adheres to an uneven brick façade.


Three opponents for Larissa:

The rough undersurface, the rigidity and the weight of the foil. The entire surface of the XXL tarpaulin could not be heat-set. Therefore, the big question was: will it hold or not? Will there be enough adhesive power? In any event, the assembly team was prepared for an emergency – Plan B was to attach it to adhesive strips.

However, the cool, rainy weather was not the only challenge for the team. There were also the time constraints of the shooting. The original production was postponed, because it rained cats and dogs. Flight permit, road safety and too many people at the filming location – the production took its toll.

Bright light was needed for the video recordings: initially only a part of the XXL façade picture could be attached in the morning, so that it looks as if Sandra Bühler did the work herself. Our project manager was overjoyed when the final message from the assembly team arrived: «It’s holding and it looks fantastic».

As in Sandra Bühler’s book, self-empowerment, flexibility and possibilities for room for manoeuvre are also the stuff of life of an advertising technician. Frontwork is proud of helping to bring the corporate purpose of Swiss Life to life.

The mega-poster shows Janine with an oversized heart. She does not want someone to have to die for her to receive a donor heart. An intolerable situation? Find out more about «Menschen wie Du und Ich»:

Frontwork is giving away three copies of the book HERE.

The winners will be drawn on 25th February 2019

The winners will be drawn on 25th February 2019

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