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Our WHY:

How do we make your emotions real?

Our mission is to make brand environments perceptible. We have a particular feeling for our customers – we create unique spaces which visualise core messages of brands and companies.

We mould the visual appearance and design of real emotions which arise from playful sensory impressions:

We arouse feelings and make brands tangible.


Your ideas and visions motivate us. For us, partnership means accurately translating the image you have in mind – at the highest quality!

We bring your message to life through expert advice and lean processes throughout the entire process.

No matter whether it concerns visual worlds or individual elements from tactile to communicative, we realize and install them with passion and know-how.

Your image? – Our passion!


We visualise the essence of your business!

Interior design inspires a feeling and conveys a «Spirit».


Visual worlds, which will amaze you …

How do you see yourself? Is your public image consistent?

Interior design is more than just a trade: it creates emotions and makes your company values real and tangible.

Here you can see how other companies create excitement with their new rooms.

Our HOW:

How do we emotionalise and showcase your brand?

A feeling is created by the way we approach design.

The human being is the decisive factor in an age in which everything has to be efficient. We are guided by our emotions.

We produce visual and tactile sensory impressions which intrigue and arouse the right emotions in the viewer.

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What our customers say

We look forward to every project which we can successfully implement together with our customers.

The people at Frontwork AG are professional and know what they are talking about. The specialists did the work well, quickly and cleanly. When necessary, they made an interim solution available to us until finalisation. We are very satisfied with the service and the result.

Lucien Vuille, Special Projects, Läckerli Huus AG
project details

The idea of packing the grey wall and the dominant radiator behind glass would never have occurred to us. The result is very impressive.

Kim Lam, ABB Schweiz AG
project details

In our work-intensive and dynamic industry, it is important to be able to get together in a relaxed atmosphere or to retreat from social contact. The areas designed by Frontwork suit our young workforce and are both a productive environment and a comfort zone.

Alexis Caceda, CEO, Netstream
project details

The concept glass process was just what was I looking for. I received various samples from Frontwork within a day. The working relationship was goal-driven and uncomplicated with one contact person for everything.

Raphael Otto from ATELIER72
project details

The Interior Design Team

Come and meet us

Our recipe for success is teamwork. In order to be able to put your ideas and our ideas into effect, we employ people from various trades and professions: polygraphs, graphic designers, advertising designers, carpenters and joiners, model builders, precision engineers, electrical fitters and many more. They all work hand in hand under one roof. They impress our customers with their versatility, willingness to work hard and their passion. When can they impress you?

Would you like to become a Frontworker?

Job vacancies

Our team does a great job. More than 60 employees from different trades and professions work for us. We are passionately committed to the projects of our customers. If you would also like to work for Frontwork, send us your CV for consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

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